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Frame Light Photography is the product of three friends and their love for photography. Our mission is to ensure that our vision aligns with yours and to provide an efficient and enjoyable experience. We are dedicated to delivering the best photography service and achieving client satisfaction. Frame Light Photography primarily focuses on wedding and event photography, but our services don’t stop there. We are well versed with photographing portraits, real estate, advertisement, food, etc.

Our love for Colorado and live music allowed all three of us to cross paths in 2010 in Denver. Since then we have grown together as photographers, professionals and friends. In early 2017 we were all operating as independent photographers and continuing to grow our businesses when the idea organically came about that if we were to blend our strengths into a single group, we would be able to deliver our clients with high caliber photography services.

Pat de Souza was raised in Omaha, NE. After attending the University of Denver, his love for Colorado kept him in Denver. Pat acquired his first DSLR camera in college and a newfound passion for photography was born. Capturing the moment with his friends was the driving force behind his photography. As his social network became well versed with having fun outside of the office, Pat quietly improved his equipment and knowledge of photography as well.
Ryan Good found his passion for the visual arts while attending the Colorado State University school of Journalism. During his studies he began shooting and developing 35 and 120mm film, and eagerly began to pursue commissioned portraiture upon graduation. As his hobby evolved into a career he geared his focus towards wedding photography, while continuing to shoot creative portraiture in and out of the studio. After spending the better part of the last decade in the creative realm he is ever ambitious for the next project, and next chance to turn meaningful moments into forever memories.
Tom McLellan is a gold star native Coloradan (5th generation) and was born and raised in Fort Collins. During his tenure at Colorado State University, he began working at a custom print shop where he refined his skills in editing and framing for large-scale prints and canvas. A large photography company soon took notice, and hired him to shoot, coordinate lighting and edit over 100 weddings. These skills quickly developed (pun intended) and Tom branched off to create his own photography company, which he ran with his business partner, Ryan Good, for over 5 years.